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In a strategic move aimed at bolstering India’s naval capabilities and reducing dependency on foreign suppliers, both state-owned enterprise Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) and the private sector giant Bharat Forge, in collaboration with the Indian Navy, are working on the development of indigenous Marine Gas Turbines (MGT).

This ambitious initiative seeks to localize the production of marine gas turbines, a critical component used to power Indian Naval warships. The primary objective is to mitigate reliance on foreign suppliers, particularly Ukraine and Russia, which have historically provided these turbines to the Indian Navy.

For years, India has relied on Ukrainian company Zorya-Mashproekt for the supply of Marine Gas Turbines, essential for powering its naval warships. However, due to the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, India has encountered challenges related to the supply of spares and servicing of these engines. The situation has prompted a reevaluation of India’s dependence on foreign sources for critical defense components.

To address the pressing issue of supply disruptions, interim measures have been put in place. The Indian Navy has turned to American GE engines for frontline warships. These engines are being locally assembled to ensure continuity in the construction and deployment of immediate warships currently under development.

In addition to the efforts with GE engines, India is exploring the potential of Rolls-Royce’s Marine Gas Turbines. Rolls-Royce has offered Transfer of Technology (ToT) for the local assembly of these engines. This move aligns with India’s broader strategy of promoting indigenous defense production and reducing reliance on international sources.

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