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In a significant development, Bharat Forge’s Chairman and Managing Director, Baba Kalyani, confirmed the company’s successful delivery of six 155-millimeter Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS) artillery guns to Armenia last month.

This delivery aligns with a substantial order placed by Armenia for a total of 90 ATAGS units, valued at $155.5 million (approximately ?1,265 crore). The contract stipulates the phased shipment of an additional 84 ATAGS guns over the next three years, with Bharat Forge aiming to complete deliveries ahead of schedule.

Remarkably, Armenia emerged as the first export customer to acquire the 155-millimeter ATAGS artillery guns even before India, the host country, procured them for the Indian Army. The ATAGS system has successfully cleared all Indian Army User Trials, attesting to its effectiveness and reliability. Before placing their order, the Armenian Defence Forces conducted two months of rigorous trials with the ATAGS guns at the Pokhran Range.

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