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Swadeshi Empresa Pvt. Ltd, a local firm, has received orders worth INR 225.6 Crore for 50 firefighting robots from the Indian Navy. The orders came after the successful completion of onboard trials from INS Vikrant, the Indian Navy’s aircraft carrier.

Designed with a specific set of tasks in mind, robotic firefighting systems are used for analyzing and locating fires, conducting search and rescue operations, monitoring hazardous variables, and primarily controlling and suppressing fires.

As part of the iDEX initiative, Swadeshi Empresa developed a firefighting robot for the Indian Navy, which has been handed over to INS Vikrant last year for user trials. The robot automatically detects the source of the fire and extinguishes it using water/foam, jet/spray, keeping humans away from harm.

The SPARK grants, offered to selected startups through the DISC initiatives under the iDEX banner, aim to promote open innovation and encourage Indian innovators and entrepreneurs to deliver advanced technological solutions to the Indian military.

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