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The Indian Navy is currently considering its options regarding the LCA-Navy program, but it is contemplating the acquisition of a squadron of LCA-Navy Trainer aircraft for pilot training purposes on aircraft carriers.

A recent report by Livefist has corroborated’s earlier claim that the Navy is considering establishing Training Squadrons, which would necessitate changes to its current training program. Additionally, the Navy is contemplating the acquisition of 12-15 LCA-Navy Trainer aircraft for hands-on pilot training on board aircraft carriers.

The Navy employs Stage-III Bae Hawk Trainer aircraft to train new pilots, after which they receive further training on board the Mig-29KUB Conversion Trainer Aircraft. This aircraft is also utilized to train pilots in deck-based landings before being authorized to carry out independent takeoff and landing operations on aircraft carriers.

In the future, the LCA-Navy Trainer aircraft is expected to replace the Mig-29KUB and serve as the primary training aircraft for both the Mig-29K and Dassault Rafale, which the Navy plans to acquire soon. As the TEDBF program will not have a twin-seater trainer or conversion aircraft, the role of the LCA-Navy Trainer aircraft in training new pilots is set to become even more significant in the coming years. This is because the Navy’s aviation capacity is poised to expand with the addition of more combat jets, necessitating a greater number of trained pilots.

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