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The Indian Navy’s aviation arm received a significant boost on March 18, 2024, with the induction of the first-ever Naval Aviation Radar Simulator (RADSIM) at Air Combat Training School (AIRCATS), Goa. This momentous occasion, graced by Rear Admiral Ajay D Theophilus, Flag Officer Naval Aviation, marks a major step towards self-reliance and enhanced training for Indian Navy Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOs).

The RADSIM, indigenously developed by the Software Development Institute (SDI) of the Indian Air Force (IAF), is set to revolutionize ATCO training within the Navy. This sophisticated simulator will provide a realistic and controlled environment for trainees to hone their skills in air traffic management.

The Naval RADSIM is a testament to the IAF’s commitment to continuous improvement. The simulator, originally developed for IAF ATCO basic training, has undergone upgrades to cater to the specific needs of the Indian Navy. This adaptation ensures the effectiveness of the training experience for naval personnel.

The RADSIM’s induction aligns perfectly with the Indian government’s #Atmanirbhar Bharat (Self-Reliant India) initiative. By leveraging indigenous technology from the IAF’s SDI, the Navy avoids dependence on foreign solutions and fosters domestic innovation in the defense sector.

This initiative also embodies the spirit of Jointness between the IAF and the Navy. The IAF’s willingness to share its expertise and technology paves the way for seamless cooperation between the two forces.

The rollout of the RADSIM program extends beyond Goa. The simulator is slated for installation at five strategic naval bases across India, significantly expanding the scope of ATCO training within the Navy.