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The Indian Army has achieved a remarkable feat with the patenting and induction of the “Portable Multi Target Detonation Device (WEDC),” a revolutionary invention by Major Rajprasad RS of the Corps of Engineers. This innovation promises to significantly enhance the safety and effectiveness of demolition tasks for Indian troops.

The WEDC marks a significant leap forward in demolition technology. Compared to the previously used wired system with a limited range of 400 meters, the WEDC boasts long-range detonation capabilities, allowing troops to operate at a safer distance from the target. This reduces the risk of injury or casualties during demolition operations.

The WEDC is not just about extended range. It incorporates several advanced features that streamline the demolition process. Being microprocessor-based and electronic, it offers greater precision and control compared to traditional methods. Additionally, the option of both wired and wireless modes provides flexibility for troops to adapt to diverse operational scenarios.

The Indian Army has already inducted the WEDC into its active arsenal, highlighting its confidence in the device’s capabilities. This patenting and induction serve as a testament to the ingenuity and dedication of Indian Army personnel like Major Rajprasad RS.

The WEDC equips the Indian Army with a significant tactical advantage. Improved safety for soldiers, long-range detonation capabilities, and operational flexibility make the WEDC a true force multiplier. This innovation strengthens the Indian Army’s ability to conduct complex demolition tasks with greater efficiency and reduced risk.