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The Indian Navy has issued a Request for Information (RFI) seeking proposals for the lease of a product tanker for two years and six months, with the option to extend the lease by an additional two years. This initiative aims to address the urgent need for refuelling naval ships at sea and enhance the operational capabilities of the Indian Navy.

According to the RFI, the product tanker should be capable of carrying a minimum of 10,000 metric tons of fuel and possess the necessary equipment for undertaking astern refuelling operations. The vessel must also comply with all relevant international maritime regulations and possess valid classification certificates.

Key Requirements:

  • Lease Period: 2 years and 6 months, with the option to extend by 2 years
  • Minimum Cargo Capacity: 10,000 metric tons
  • Operational Capabilities: Astern refueling
  • Compliance: International maritime regulations and valid classification certificates

This initiative is expected to attract interest from both Indian and foreign shipyards, potentially leading to increased competition and innovation within the Indian defence industry. Additionally, the project can create employment opportunities and boost economic growth.

Overall, the Indian Navy’s decision to lease a product tanker signifies its commitment to modernization and operational excellence. This initiative will further strengthen the Navy’s capabilities and enhance its ability to secure India’s maritime interests.

Interested parties are invited to submit their proposals to the Indian Navy by the specified deadline. The selection process will be based on various factors, including the technical specifications of the vessel, the lease terms, and the experience of the proposer.

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