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Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) showcased its indigenously developed Digital Map Generator (IDMG) at a recent event at Avionics Expo 2023 in New Delhi. This cutting-edge technology is designed to enhance the capabilities of Su-30MKI and Jaguar Darin-III fighter jets, and will soon be available on upgraded Tejas Mk1A jets as well.

The IDMG provides pilots with a crucial tool for navigation, flight planning, and tactical operations. It renders 2D and 3D maps, overlaying critical information to significantly improve pilot situational awareness. This allows for more informed decision-making and effective mission execution.

The IDMG boasts a compact and lightweight design, measuring 381 x 165 x 200 mm and weighing less than 12 Kg. This makes it ideal for integration into fighter jets without compromising on space or performance.

Advanced Features and Capabilities:

  • Power PC family processor: Ensures efficient processing of map data and rendering of complex visuals.
  • Video outputs: Supports RGSB, DVI, and ARINC 818 standards for compatibility with various display systems.
  • 64GB Mass Memory: Provides ample storage for map data, allowing for offline operation and pre-flight mission planning.
  • RTOS Support: Real-time operating system ensures smooth and responsive performance even under demanding conditions.
  • Open GL Graphics Library: Enables the rendering of high-quality 3D maps with realistic terrain and features.
  • Supported MAP formats: Compatible with various map formats like CADRG, RDTED, VMAP, Data Frame, and CIB for increased flexibility.
  • Ethernet connectivity: Enables networking with other onboard systems for data sharing and mission coordination.

The IDMG is designed to comply with stringent military standards for vibration, shock, temperature, and electromagnetic interference. This ensures reliable operation even in harsh environments.

Cooling system: A forced air cooling system ensures optimal operating temperature even under heavy workloads.

Connectors: MIL-D38999 connectors guarantee secure and reliable data transmission.

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