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The Indian Navy has heightened its surveillance in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) following the entry of a new Chinese satellite and missile tracking ship. This latest addition brings the total number of such Chinese vessels in the IOR to four, raising concerns for Indian security officials.

The Indian Navy utilizes a multi-pronged approach to monitor these Chinese “research” vessels, even when they attempt to evade detection by turning off their transponders. This includes deploying P-8I long-range maritime patrol aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and warships.

The Chinese vessels in question belong to the Yuan Wang class, operated by the People’s Liberation Army’s Strategic Support Force. These ships are equipped with advanced technology, including large antennae, sophisticated sensors, and electronic equipment. Their capabilities go beyond basic research, enabling them to monitor satellite launches, track ballistic missile trajectories, and potentially conduct electronic espionage.

India’s close monitoring of these vessels reflects its strategic interests in the IOR. The presence of such advanced Chinese technology in the region is seen as a potential threat to India’s security and a point of contention between the two Asian powers.