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India has issued a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) designating a no-fly zone over the Bay of Bengal, effective from an unspecified date. This restricted airspace spans a significant 1680 kilometers, raising speculation about a potential missile test.

The size of the no-fly zone strongly suggests India might be testing its next-generation Agni-Prime ballistic missile. This missile boasts a reported range of around 2,000 kilometers, marking a significant advancement in India’s indigenous missile technology.

Coinciding with this development, reports indicate the Yuan Wang 03, a Chinese satellite and missile tracking vessel, is sailing towards the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). The presence of this vessel in the region during a potential Indian missile test is sure to raise eyebrows, though the exact reason for its deployment remains unclear.

While India routinely conducts missile tests over the Bay of Bengal, the combination of a sizeable no-fly zone and China’s vessel’s presence in the IOR injects additional attention into this event.

Official confirmation regarding the specific dates of the no-fly zone or the exact missile to be tested is still awaited. This is likely due to standard pre-launch security protocols.

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