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The Ministry of Defence, Government of India, intends to lease one Product Tanker for fuelling IN ships for three years and seeks participation in the leasing process from prospective Bidders subject to requirements in the succeeding paragraphs.

A tanker is to be procured under Buy (Indian) category, with Indigenous content >60%, for astern fuelling of IN ships at sea and is to be delivered at Mumbai Naval Harbour, within Ten (10) months as agreed upon from the date of signing of the contract.

SORS and Technical Specifications of the Required Product Tanker are as

The Vessel should be confirmed to standards laid down by DG Shipping and IACS Classification (International Association of Classification Society) and should not be older than 2003. A clear deck area of 4000mm x 4500mm x 2100mm (or greater) is required on the quarter deck for the installation of Astern Fuelling gear by the Indian Navy. The Bidder is to ensure that the vessel offered, is to be under the Indian Flag at the time of delivery of the vessel.

The tanker will be Based at Mumbai / Karwar Ports. The Product Tanker would be operating in Indian EEZ / in and around ports of India / and/or in IOR ports or anywhere in the world.

Tanker should have 30 days un-replenished or greater endurance and should be able to carry 5000-30000 Tons of LSHFHSD.

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