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Indian Army has issued a request for proposal (RFP) for the procurement of 300 Logistics Rough Terrain Vehicles (Lgs RTV) through the Fast Track Procedure under Emergency Procurement and seeks participation in the procurement process from prospective Bidders.

Lgs RTV is a highly mobile, multi-configurable, rough terrain capable vehicle for employment in medium to high-altitude areas. The vehicle incorporates a tubular frame with the engine, a driver seat and racks/ boxes in the rear and front for the carriage of stores.

The vehicle relies on its high off-road capabilities in inaccessible terrain to be able to operate on existing Animal Transport (AT) tracks and does not require any expenditure on the development of operational tracks. The vehicle can be quickly customized for different missions viz transportation of loads or evacuation of casualties. Their ability to operate in snow-covered undulating terrain with long endurance makes them ideally suitable for Last Mile Delivery (LMD) tasks.

Lgs RTV sought by the Indian Army should be less than 1 ton and can carry a Minimum Payload of 150kg with a 4×4 Selectable Drive System. Lgs RTV should be able to operate from an Operating Altitude of 16000 feet and should be Heli portability from Indian Armed Forces (Chinook/Mi-26) with aircraft tie-downs points in front and rear of the vehicle for underslung and should be para droppable.

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