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Indian Navy and DRDO officials have engaged in discussions regarding the incorporation of long-range air defence interceptor missile systems into future frontline warships. This initiative aims to integrate extended-range interceptor missiles developed under the Extended Range Air Defense System (ERADS) program by DRDO.

The missiles being developed include the ERSAM (Extended Range Surface to Air Missile) and XRSAM (Extra Long Range Surface to Air Missile), designed to counter various targets, including enemy fighters, AWACS, and anti-ship missiles.

Under the Extended Range Air Defense System (ERADS) program, DRDO is working on two interceptor missiles: ERSAM and XRSAM. ERSAM is being developed with a range of 150km to engage fighter-sized targets, while XRSAM is being designed with a range of 250km against fighter-sized targets and 350-400km against larger targets like AWACS/FRA primarily to be used by the Indian Air Force.

Indian Navy and DRDO officials are discussing the integration of these extended-range interceptor missiles into future frontline warships that are currently in the design stage. This integration would provide the warships with an additional layer of air defence coverage, effectively countering not only cruise missiles but also anti-ship ballistic missiles (ASBM).

Currently, the longest-range interceptor missile being installed on Indian frontline warships is the Indo-Israeli LR-SAM (Long Range Surface to Air Missile) with a range of 90km. LR-SAM serves the purpose of neutralizing sub-sonic and supersonic anti-ship missiles. However, the addition of ERSAM and XRSAM will offer an outer layer of air defence coverage, bolstering the warships’ capabilities against a wider range of threats.

The ongoing discussions between Indian Navy and DRDO officials hold the potential for the development of highly capable warships equipped with advanced air defence systems. This integration of extended-range interceptor missiles will contribute to the overall defence preparedness of the Indian Navy, ensuring a robust and multi-layered air defence shield for future frontline warships.

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