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India has issued Revised Notices to Airmen (NOTAM) for a launch of a missile in the Bay of Bengal for the period from 07-08 June 2023 that was previously issued for the period of 18-19 May 2023 as per information provided by Twitter user Damien Symon@detresfa_.

The designated area for the NOTAM is 1680 km in length which indicates it might be a test of the Agni-P from Abdul Kalam Island. Agni P is a two-stage Canisterised solid propellant ballistic missile with dual redundant navigation and guidance system.

Agni Prime is the latest addition to India’s Agni series of nuclear-capable ballistic missiles. With a range of 1,000-2,000 kilometers, the missile is capable of striking strategic targets across Pakistan with deadly precision. This new addition to the Agni series.

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