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An Indian Navy team is currently in Germany for a crucial evaluation process. Their mission is to assess the Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) system offered by Germans U-214 submarines for P-75I, India’s next major submarine acquisition program.

An AIP system extends a submarine’s underwater endurance, allowing it to stay submerged for longer durations without needing to surface for air. This significantly enhances a submarine’s stealth and operational capabilities.

The Indian Navy team is conducting a field inspection of the German AIP system right now in Germany, thoroughly examining its efficiency and performance. This evaluation is a critical step in selecting the most suitable technology for powering India’s next generation of submarines.

Following their visit to Germany, the Indian Navy team will then head to Spain for trials of the Spanish S-80 Plus submarine design. This underscores India’s commitment to a comprehensive assessment of various options before finalizing a decision for Project 75I.