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An Indian Air Force (IAF) Apache helicopter made a safe emergency landing on April 3rd, 2024 during a training mission in Ladakh. The landing resulted in damage to the aircraft due to the challenging terrain and high altitude conditions in the region.

Thankfully, both pilots onboard emerged unharmed and were recovered to the nearest airbase. To investigate the cause of the incident, a Court of Inquiry has been initiated.

This incident coincides with recent safety concerns regarding the Apache helicopter fleet used by the US Army. Four crashes within the past two months have prompted investigations. The latest involved an AH-64 Apache experiencing a minor crash during a training exercise near Fort Carson, Colorado on March 27th, resulting in minor pilot injuries. As a precaution, all aviation assets at the base have been grounded.

Similar incidents occurred in February involving US Army National Guard AH-64D Apaches. A fatal crash in Mississippi and another with surviving pilots in Utah led to the grounding of National Guard helicopter units for safety reviews. With over 700 Apaches in active service and the National Guard, ensuring their safety is paramount. The US Army is actively investigating these issues and working to prevent future accidents.

While the cause of the IAF’s Apache landing is under investigation, the recent US Army crashes raise concerns that could potentially impact Apaches worldwide, including those operated by India.