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Ukrainian forces appear to be using Indian-manufactured ERFB-BT 155mm artillery shells, according to a recently emerged picture from the warzone. This sighting reignites discussions about the indirect supply of military equipment to Ukraine despite India’s official neutrality in the conflict.

India’s Defense Public Sector Undertakings (DPSUs) and private companies have witnessed a surge in demand for ERFB-BT 155mm shells. Orders exceeding ?2,000 crores have been placed in recent months, with countries in the Middle East and the United States being the major buyers.

While India has maintained a neutral stance in the Russia-Ukraine war, refraining from direct weapons supply to either side, these exported shells seem to be finding their way to Ukrainian forces. This indirect supply chain is likely facilitated by nations purchasing Indian-made shells and then forwarding them to Ukraine.

A significant reason for the high demand for Indian shells is their compatibility with NATO-standard weaponry used in artillery guns recently supplied to Ukraine. This compatibility makes them a valuable asset for the Ukrainian military in the ongoing conflict.