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The Indian Army is mulling the development of a next-generation lifesaving technology – the Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot (BEAR). This robotic system aims to revolutionize battlefield rescue missions by aiding in the swift and safe recovery of injured soldiers.

The project will be spearheaded by the Army Design Bureau (ADB), the Indian Army’s in-house research and development wing. The ADB might also seek collaborations with private sector companies to leverage their expertise and expedite the development process.

While the exact functionalities of the BEAR are yet to be finalized, speculations suggest it will likely be a remotely controlled or even semi-autonomous system. This would allow medical personnel to operate the robot from a safe distance, minimizing their exposure to battlefield hazards.

The core function of the BEAR will revolve around navigating the battlefield and retrieving wounded soldiers. It is envisioned to carry injured personnel to the nearest medical facility, playing a critical role in the crucial “golden hour” following injury.

The incorporation of the BEAR into the Indian Army’s arsenal has the potential to significantly improve casualty evacuation rates on the battlefield. Faster and safer extraction of wounded soldiers can lead to improved medical outcomes and save lives.

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