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US Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti, has warned Indian companies of the serious consequences they face if they violate global sanctions imposed on Russia. This warning comes after Japan sanctioned Bengaluru-based Si2 Microsystems, an electronics equipment designer and manufacturer, for allegedly helping Russia circumvent sanctions related to the Ukraine war.

Si2 Microsystems’ troubles don’t end with Japan. The company was previously sanctioned by the European Union in February 2024 and the US in November 2023, with both accusing it of supporting Russia’s military and defense sectors.

Adding another layer of intrigue, India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology named Si2 Microsystems as a partner just a month before the US sanctions. The partnership involved the launch of a research center at IIT Madras.

Garcetti’s statement highlights the potential conflict between India’s relationship with Russia and the pressure it faces from the US and its allies to comply with global sanctions. Indian companies that disregard these sanctions risk being shut out of doing business with major economies like the US and the European Union.