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According to sources close to idrw, the Indian Army’s evaluation of contenders for its new 8×8 wheeled armored vehicle program has hit a snag. Local offerings, including DRDO’s WhAP 8×8, reportedly received negative feedback, with the Army favoring the American Stryker for its superior design and protection.

Reports suggest the Army views the Stryker as a more robust platform compared to indigenous alternatives. This contradicts DRDO’s stance, which positioned their WhAP 8×8 as superior to vehicles like the Stryker, Fuchs 2, and Piranha 3 based on a comparison chart.

In light of the Army’s preference, discussions are underway between the US and India for a co-development program to produce a customized Stryker M1135 variant catering to Indian requirements.

This negative report on the WhAP 8×8 could be a significant setback for DRDO’s indigenous program. While DRDO’s comparison may have shown the WhAP’s theoretical superiority, the Army’s practical assessment appears to prioritize real-world performance.

The future of India’s 8×8 program hinges on these factors. The decision will likely impact not only the Army’s capabilities but also India’s efforts toward self-reliance in defense manufacturing.

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