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Indian Army Vice Chief Lt Gen Upendra Dwivedi recently undertook a significant visit to several key defense manufacturing facilities, reflecting the nation’s commitment to self-reliance in defense production. His visit encompassed Indo-Russian Rifles Private Limited, the Ordnance Factory Project in Korwa, as well as prestigious academic institutions like IIT Kanpur and the Adani Ammunition Complex.

At the Indo-Russian Rifles Private Limited facility, Lt Gen Dwivedi observed the production of assault rifles, crucial equipment for the Indian Army’s operational readiness. This facility’s contribution to providing state-of-the-art battlefield equipment aligns with India’s strategic goals of bolstering its defense capabilities through indigenous manufacturing.

Similarly, Lt Gen Dwivedi’s visit to the Ordnance Factory Project in Korwa showcased the cutting-edge technologies employed in the production of various defense equipment. The project’s emphasis on innovation and quality aligns with the Indian Army’s modernization efforts, ensuring that it remains well-equipped to tackle evolving security challenges.

The visit to IIT Kanpur provided an opportunity for Lt Gen Dwivedi to engage with the academic community and students, fostering collaboration between academia and the defense sector. Such interactions are crucial for leveraging research and innovation to address defense technology needs effectively.

Furthermore, Lt Gen Dwivedi’s visit to the Adani Ammunition Complex underscores the private sector’s increasing role in defense manufacturing. The complex’s contribution to ammunition production adds another dimension to India’s defense industrial base, further enhancing self-reliance in critical areas.