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Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) is hopeful that the Indian Air Force (IAF) will consider purchasing additional LCA Tejas Trainer aircraft following a recent tender for 97 single-seater Tejas Mk1A fighter jets.

The IAF currently has an order for 18 LCA Tejas Trainers for local Squadron conversion of pilots before they can fly the single-seater Tejas Mk1A fighter jets. Out of these, HAL has already delivered 5 trainers and is on track to complete deliveries for the remaining 13 by 2025.

The additional Tejas Mk1A fighter jets on tender will significantly boost the IAF’s fighter squadron strength. With this increased procurement, HAL expects a corresponding demand for more LCA Tejas Trainers to equip pilots for the new jets.

An adequate number of trainers is crucial for maintaining pilot proficiency and ensuring a smooth transition for pilots to the upgraded Tejas Mk1A variant. This will be essential for the IAF to fully leverage the capabilities of the new fighter jets.

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