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The Indian Army has successfully inducted and operationalized two regiments of indigenous Dhanush artillery systems in high-altitude areas along the Northern Borders. Each regiment comprises 18 guns, marking a significant milestone in India’s defence capabilities.

The Dhanush artillery systems, based on the Swedish Bofors guns, underwent extensive validation and testing to ensure their reliability and effectiveness in challenging terrain. These systems have been strategically positioned to enhance India’s defence posture along its Northern Borders.

The production of Dhanush, featuring 155×45 mm calibre, had faced temporary setbacks due to reported malfunctions during reliability firing. However, this production line was resumed earlier this year after addressing the technical issues that had arisen.

The Indian Army initially received the first six out of a total order of 114 Dhanush 155 mm/45-caliber towed howitzers in 2019. The production faced a four-year gap due to technical deficiencies, but efforts have been made to overcome these challenges. The delivery of the remaining 78 units is expected to be completed by 2026.

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