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The Indian Air Force (IAF) has taken a significant step in bolstering its defence capabilities by issuing an Expression of Interest (EOI) for the development and manufacturing of a Long Range Land Attack Cruise Missile. 

The IAF’s vision includes the creation of a long-range cruise missile with a range exceeding 1000 kilometres, capable of reaching speeds of up to 0.8 Mach, all while maintaining cost-effectiveness to allow for mass deployment. This missile is expected to feature independent navigation, support multiple types of warheads, and be tailored for land-based targets.

To bring this ambitious project to fruition, the IAF is seeking partnerships with India’s indigenous defence production industry. The collaborative effort will encompass the design, development, and manufacture of the Long Range Land Attack Cruise Missile under the Make-I (Government Funded) procedure, following Chapter III of the Defense Acquisition Procedure (DAP) 2020.

Key parameters for the Long Range Land Attack Cruise Missile include:

(a) Impressive Range: The missile should boast a range of 1000+ kilometres, combined with speeds of up to 0.8 Mach.

(b) Cost Efficiency: It should utilize cost-effective technology to maximize the economy of effort.

(c) Warhead Versatility: The missile should be adaptable for carrying multiple types of warheads, all designed for land-based targets.

(d) Advanced Sensors: The missile should incorporate advanced sensor capabilities, such as the Digital Scene Matching Area Correlator (DSMAC), Datalink, and IRNSS.

(e) Enhanced Features: Additional features like multi-point navigation, altitude variation in the attack profile, and the ability to loiter or change targets are highly desirable.

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