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A recently leaked image online has sparked discussions about the Indian Army’s latest defensive measure for its T-72 tanks: the “Cope Cage” armor. This metal framework, seen earlier on T-90 MBTs last year, aims to provide overhead protection against anti-tank threats.

The new “Cope Cage” design on the T-72 stands out from the earlier, hastily fabricated versions seen on T-90s. The consistent build quality suggests it’s not a crew-improvised solution, but rather a standardized one, potentially hinting at official Indian Army adoption.

This armor primarily targets Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (ATGMs), specifically those programmed to fly upwards and detonate their warhead downwards onto a tank’s turret, the weakest point. For Russian tanks with exposed ammunition in the turret, such attacks can be devastating.

The jury is still out on the “Cope Cage’s” effectiveness against modern ATGMs. While it can potentially disrupt the trajectory of some missiles, its ability to stop a direct hit from advanced weaponry raises doubts. Additionally, experts argue that cope cages are primarily designed to counter drone threats, not modern ATGMs.

Only time will tell the full story behind the “Cope Cage” addition to Indian tanks. However, it undoubtedly highlights the evolving nature of modern warfare and the constant need for technological adaptation to stay ahead of potential threats.

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