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India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is taking smoke protection to the next level with its cutting-edge “new age smoke protection system.” This innovative technology promises to revolutionize battlefield defence, offering light military and civilian vehicles unprecedented protection against unexpected attacks.

DRDO’s existing 81mm Anti Thermal-Anti Laser smoke grenade, while effective in blinding enemy tanks with thermal imaging and laser equipment, has limitations. It’s primarily suited for heavier armoured vehicles and lacks the flexibility needed for dynamic situations.

Enter the New Age Smoke Screen:

The new system addresses these shortcomings. Unlike conventional smoke protection systems, it boasts several key features:

  • Dynamic Smoke Screens: The system can generate moving smoke curtains, providing continuous cover and making it harder for attackers to predict and target vehicles.
  • Spontaneous Deployment: The smoke screen can be deployed instantly, offering crucial protection in the face of surprise attacks.
  • Multispectral Interruption: The smoke effectively obscures targets in both visual and infrared spectrums, hindering a wide range of weapon systems.
  • Drone Defense: The smoke screen can shield vehicles from loitering munitions and low-cost drones designed for top-attack manoeuvres.
  • Multimission Capability: The system can be used in various scenarios, including defending against river crossings and wave attacks.
  • Integrated Countermeasures: The system incorporates IR jamming and decoying capabilities, further enhancing protection against laser-guided and other advanced weapons.

This new technology has the potential to significantly improve the survivability of military vehicles and personnel in combat situations. Additionally, its adaptability could make it valuable for civilian applications, such as protecting convoys in conflict zones or providing temporary cover for emergency responders.

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