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The Ordnance Equipment Factory Hazratpur (OEF Hazratpur) has announced the successful deployment of its high-altitude logistics drone, “AIRAWAT,” in the majestic Himalayas. This marks a revolutionary step forward in logistical operations within the challenging Himalayan region.

AIRAWAT is equipped with cutting-edge technology, including sophisticated navigation systems and a robust payload capacity. These features allow it to navigate the treacherous Himalayan terrain with ease. During its trials, the drone successfully reached a flight altitude of 5,000 meters near the Indo-China border, demonstrating its ability to operate in harsh weather conditions and showcasing its exceptional ruggedness and reliability.

The drone’s capabilities were further validated during a demonstration where it carried a 15 kg payload across a designated route. This feat underlines AIRAWAT’s strength and efficiency in transporting critical supplies in high-altitude environments.

Adding to its impressive repertoire, AIRAWAT boasts autonomous flight capabilities, including the ability to undertake 10 km round-trip missions and remain airborne for up to 40 minutes at high altitudes.

The deployment of AIRAWAT signifies a significant development in India’s efforts to strengthen its logistical capabilities in the Himalayas. This innovative drone has the potential to transform how supplies are delivered to troops stationed in remote and high-altitude locations. By leveraging autonomous technology and superior payload capacity, AIRAWAT can significantly reduce the risks associated with traditional logistical operations in the Himalayas, ensuring the safety and well-being of personnel while enhancing operational efficiency.

Technical Specifications of the AIRAWAT Multi-Rotor Platform:

  • Configuration: Multirotor E-VTOL (Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing)
  • MTOW (Maximum Take-Off Weight): 80 kg
  • Payload Capacity: 15-20 kg
  • Range Plus Reserve: 30-45 minutes
  • Mission Range: 5-10 km
  • Service Ceiling: 1000 feet Above Ground Level (AGL)
  • Absolute Ceiling: 10000 to 18000 feet Above Mean Sea Level (AMSL)
  • Noise Level: Maximum 62 dB at 150 meters

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