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The Indian Army has set its sights on significantly bolstering its artillery capabilities with plans to procure not just the initially proposed 400 towed gun systems (TGS), but another staggering 800 units. These TGSs will become the backbone of the army’s towed howitzer regiments, offering crucial firepower across diverse terrains and conditions.

This procurement comes alongside the planned acquisition of 307 heavier, 18-ton Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS) units. However, the TGS, weighing below 15 tons, will offer greater operational flexibility, enabling deployment in India’s varied topographical landscapes.

The Indian Army seeks to fulfil a total requirement of 1,580 155 mm/52 calibre towed howitzers. These new systems must be equipped with advanced features like GPS, inertial navigation systems for precise location tracking, and fire-control systems with day and night optical sights for indirect firing.

This acquisition marks a significant step towards modernizing the Indian Army’s artillery, enhancing its firepower and operational effectiveness. The TGS, with its lighter weight and advanced features, promises to be a versatile asset for the army’s diverse terrain, while the ATAGS will provide additional heavy firepower capabilities.

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