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India has ramped up its defense export push to the Philippines, offering local manufacturing of attack helicopters, artillery guns, and bulletproof vests during recent talks. This comes after India secured an order for BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles and offered its LCA-Tejas fighter jets and ALH-Dhruv helicopters. To incentivize the deal, India has also offered a soft loan with a low interest rate and a long repayment period.

This move highlights India’s growing ambitions in the defense export market and its efforts to forge closer military ties with the Philippines.

Here’s a breakdown of the offer:

  • Locally manufactured defense equipment: India has offered to help the Philippines manufacture its LCH Prachand attack helicopters and ATAGS self-propelled artillery guns. This would boost the Philippines’ domestic defense production capabilities.
  • Bulletproof vests: MKU Limited’s bulletproof vests, already exported worldwide, are also part of the offer.
  • Previous offers: India has previously offered LCA-Tejas fighter jets, ALH-Dhruv helicopters, and BrahMos missiles, with the first batch of missiles scheduled for delivery next month.
  • Soft loan: To make the deal more attractive, India has offered a concessional loan with a 1.75% interest rate, a 20-year repayment period, and a 5-year grace period.

This comprehensive offer demonstrates India’s commitment to strengthening its defense partnership with the Philippines and its strategic interests in the Indo-Pacific region.