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Since 2022, the Indian Army has been steadily inducting the indigenously-developed Kalyani M4 into its fleet. This Quick Reaction Fighting Vehicle (Heavy), produced by Bharat Forge, is rapidly enhancing the Army’s combat capabilities.

Bharat Forge delivered nearly 126 M4 units within a remarkable timeframe – less than two years. This swiftness highlights India’s growing self-reliance in defense manufacturing. The Kalyani M4 boasts an ergonomic and aesthetically-pleasing design, prioritizing crew comfort and efficiency during operations. This ensures optimal performance even in demanding situations.

Indian Army is also looking to place orders for more 100 M4 with Kalyani group that has ramped up production line to manufacture nearly 100 units per year. Kalyani group is ready to further expand M4 production capability to 30 units per month that could mean it will be able to deliver 350 units per year.

With a fighting radius of nearly 800 kilometers, the M4 offers exceptional mobility. This allows for swift deployment of troops and equipment across diverse terrains, significantly increasing battlefield responsiveness.

The recent addition of the M4 to the Army’s northern command further underscores its critical role in safeguarding India’s borders. Bharat Forge claims the M4 can withstand significant blasts. The vehicle’s design reportedly offers protection against three 10 kg TNT explosives placed under the wheels and a 50 kg IED blast on one side. This superior protection is crucial for ensuring troop safety in combat zones.

The Kalyani M4’s induction marks a significant milestone in India’s defense indigenization efforts. Its mobility, protection, and swift delivery timeline make it a valuable asset for the Indian Army, empowering them to effectively address contemporary battlefield challenges.