The World Defence Show in Riyadh (WDS2024) witnessed a significant moment for gender inclusivity in the Indian Armed Forces. A delegation of three women officers – Colonel Ponung Doming (Indian Army), Lieutenant Commander Annu Prakash (Indian Navy), and Squadron Leader Bhawana Kanth (Indian Air Force) – attended the event as special invitees to the “International Women in Defence – Investing in an Inclusive Future” themed seminar.

This participation signifies a positive step towards showcasing the growing role of women in the Indian defense sector. The delegation represented diverse branches of the armed forces, highlighting the expanding opportunities for women across the organization.

Fighter pilot Squadron Leader Bhawana Kanth, a role model for aspiring women in the Air Force, shared her experiences and insights during the seminar. She spoke about the evolving landscape for women in the Indian defense forces, emphasizing the increasing access to leadership and command positions.

The presence of these women officers at the WDS2024 carries significant weight. It not only demonstrates India’s commitment to gender equality within its armed forces but also serves as an inspiration for young women across the globe who aspire to pursue careers in defense.

The participation of women officers from the Indian Armed Forces at the World Defence Show 2024 marks a significant milestone in promoting gender equality and inclusivity within the defense sector. Their presence serves as an inspiration to young women around the world and underscores India’s commitment to creating a more diverse and representative military force.