India’s space aspirations soared higher with the inauguration of DEFSAT 2024, a three-day Space Seminar & Exhibition held in Delhi. Chief of Defence Staff General Anil Chauhan graced the opening ceremony, highlighting the nation’s remarkable strides in space technology and urging further collaboration between industry and the government.

General Chauhan emphasized the significant progress India has made in developing its space capabilities, citing recent achievements like the Gaganyaan human spaceflight mission and the Cartosat-3 imaging satellite. He lauded the role of the Space Sector Reforms 2020 and increased budgetary investments in boosting space research and development.

However, he didn’t stop there. General Chauhan passionately exhorted the Indian space industry to further strengthen its collaborative efforts with the government. He envisioned a highly capable “Atmanirbhar” (self-reliant) space ecosystem, powered by joint initiatives between policymakers and private players.

This second edition of DEFSAT, organized by CENJOWS in collaboration with Satcom Industry Association SIA-India, witnessed a resounding response. Participants from various government agencies, leading Indian space companies, and even international private industries converged under one roof.

The three-day event promises to be a fertile ground for fostering crucial partnerships and exploring avenues for joint ventures. Discussions, presentations, and exhibitions will pave the way for collaborative projects that advance India’s space program while strengthening its domestic space industry.

Key areas of focus at DEFSAT 2024:

  • Space-based defense applications: Exploring the potential of satellite technology for military communication, navigation, and surveillance.
  • Commercial space opportunities: Fostering collaboration between startups and established players in areas like satellite broadband, remote sensing, and space tourism.
  • International partnerships: Bridging the gap between Indian and international space agencies and companies for knowledge sharing and technology transfer.
  • Human spaceflight program: Showcasing advancements and discussing future goals for Gaganyaan and beyond.