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The Indian Air Force (IAF) is taking a significant step towards self-reliance by seeking domestic manufacturers to produce spare parts for its fleet of Rafale fighter jets. This initiative involves collaboration with the Society of Indian Defence Manufacturers (SIDM) and is expected to culminate in a meeting with the Chandigarh-based 3 Base Repair Depot (BRD) next month.

The IAF has identified a specific list of components crucial for ongoing maintenance. These parts are primarily those that require periodic replacement and are not mission-critical systems like engines or onboard computers. Additionally, some ancillary equipment that doesn’t directly impact core functionalities are also included.

The IAF has provided a list of 52 specific Rafale parts that they believe can be manufactured by Indian companies. This initiative aims to not only reduce dependence on foreign suppliers but also boost domestic capabilities in the aerospace sector.

The upcoming meeting between the IAF and the 3 BRD is expected to provide more clarity on the selection process and specific requirements for potential suppliers.

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