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The Indian Air Force (IAF) has issued a Request for Technical and Commercial Proposal (RTCP) for a significant upgrade package for its Jaguar Darin-III fighter jets. 

The IAF seeks a new missile to enhance the close-combat capabilities of the Jaguar with ‘Next-Generation Close Combat Missile’ NGCCM integration. NGCCM is a license-produced version of the MBDA ASRAAM air-to-air missile. While previous media reports have mentioned NGCCM integration with the Jaguar has been completed, this tender suggests either live-fire testing hasn’t been conducted or previous trials were limited to captive flights (missile mounted but not fired). 

Tender also talks about the inclusion of HMDS signifies a major improvement in pilot situational awareness and targeting capabilities. HMDS projects critical flight and targeting information directly onto the pilot’s helmet visor.

IAF has selected NGCCM to be used on Jaguar Strike aircraft on its over-the-wing pylon mount to replace its ageing Matra R550 Magic. ASRAAM has an infrared homing system that can track and hone in on a target from a range that is inside the line of sight. The missile’s weight is 88 kg (194 pounds), and it has a range of more than 25 km. 

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