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In a significant stride towards enhancing India’s defence capabilities, Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL) and the UAE-based EDGE Group have jointly developed the Al Tariq-LR, a long-range precision-guided munition (PGM). This advanced weapon system is poised to undergo testing from a HAL-owned fighter jet in 2024.

The collaboration between these two entities promises to bring modular, long-range precision capabilities to India’s arsenal, bolstering its precision-guided munition offerings. The Al Tariq-LR is designed to provide precise strikes against a variety of targets, including high-priority-fixed, off-axis, moving, and re-locatable ones.

The Al Tariq-LR represents a leap forward in precision-guided munition technology, offering long-range standoff capabilities to armed forces. This cutting-edge weapon system is designed to deliver pinpoint accuracy even against challenging and dynamic targets. Its long-range capabilities, with a striking distance exceeding 120 km, make it a formidable asset for India’s defence strategy.

The Al Tariq munition system offers a modular and versatile design, compatible with different types of aerial bombs, including the Mk 81, Mk 82, and Mk 83 variants. With its long stand-off ranges, exceeding 120 km, and multiple seeker options, this system is tailored to meet the diverse requirements of modern warfare scenarios. Whether it’s engaging fixed, off-axis, moving, or re-locatable targets, the Al Tariq-LR offers the precision and flexibility needed for successful missions.

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