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India is planning to develop an Underwater Test and Tracking Range (TTR) to test its torpedoes and other underwater weapons. The proposed TTR will consist of both onshore and offshore facilities and will be located on the eastern coast of India.

The TTR will be used to test a variety of torpedoes, including heavyweight torpedoes and those with thermal navigation systems. It will also be used to test other underwater weapons, such as mines and underwater drones.

The development of the TTR is a significant step forward for India’s defence capabilities. The TTR will allow India to test its underwater weapons in a realistic environment and will help to ensure that they are effective in combat.

The Indian Navy is expected to play a key role in the development of the TTR. The Navy has already identified a suitable location for the TTR on the eastern coast of India and is working with the Ministry of Defense to finalize the plans for the project.

The development of the TTR is a major undertaking and is expected to take several years to complete. However, the benefits of the TTR will be significant, and the Indian Navy is confident that the project will be a success.

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