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Economic Explosives Limited (EEL), a subsidiary of Solar Industries India Ltd., has successfully established production of the Multi-Mode Hand Grenade (MMHG) as per Transfer of Technology (ToT) obtained from the Defence Research and Development Organisation’s (DRDO) Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory (TBRL). The company has already delivered over 10 lakh units of MMHG to the Indian Army, fulfilling its order.

EEL has also received clearance from the Ministry of Defense (MoD) for the export of MMHG and is currently in discussions with several countries that have expressed interest in the Indian-made grenade. The MMHG is a replacement for the vintage Hand Grenade M 36 and offers several advantages to soldiers in terms of safety, dual-mode capability, and lethality.

Salient Features of MMHG:

  • Modular Design: The MMHG has a modular design, allowing for easy assembly and disassembly. This makes it simpler to maintain and store.
  • Multi-Mode Concept: The MMHG can be operated in two modes: Defensive Mode and Offensive Mode.
  • High Splinter Density: The MMHG produces a high number of shrapnel fragments, making it more effective against enemy personnel.
  • Additional Safety for Soldiers: The MMHG has an arming delay mechanism that provides additional safety to soldiers by preventing premature detonation.
  • Easy Priming and Unpriming: The MMHG is easy to prime and unprime, making it more convenient for soldiers to use.
  • Light Weight: The MMHG is lighter than the Hand Grenade M 36, reducing the load on soldiers.
  • Durability: The MMHG can be primed and unprimed multiple times without affecting its functional efficiency.

Defensive Mode:

In Defensive Mode, the MMHG is complete with its Fragmenting Sleeve. This mode is used when the soldier is in a shelter and the enemy is in the open. The lethal radius of the grenade in Defensive Mode is up to 8 meters from the point of burst.

Offensive Mode:

In Offensive Mode, the MMHG is used without its Fragmenting Sleeve. This mode is used for “Low-Intensity Conflict” as it offers a stunning effect only. The lethal radius of the grenade in Offensive Mode is up to 5 meters from the point of burst.

The MMHG has a shelf life of at least 15 years under normal storage conditions.

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