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India will carryout increments of AL-31F engines with performance parts that have been locally manufactured in the country replacing some of the high-end components that require frequent changes. India’s BEL, HAL and Midhani are carrying out the certification of the engines with components that will last much longer and will replace some of the Russian-designed ones not only enhancing the life of the engine but also improving its performance.

India already has complete Transfer of Technology (ToT) of the AL-31F engines that are used to power the Su-30MKI fleet that is likely to remain in active service till 2045 n beyond due to which such initiatives were taken to fix some of the prolonged technical issues and deficiencies in the engine.

India has decided not only to seek certification of these engines from Russia as these components have been cleared after trials on the test bed and have reduced the need for frequent changes of these components.

India has been making AL-31F engines from RAW material stages for years now and also has been servicing them locally. over the last two decades, many components were identified to be locally developed and many were improved with Indian substitutes.

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