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India’s upcoming fourth division of the Indian Armed forces after the Indian Army, Indian Air force and Indian Navy to be called Indian Rocket force will stay independent of the three divisions and will get in its arsenal from Indian Army like its Smerch and Pinaka MBRLs and also Pralay ballistic missile missiles as a starter but it has been decided that it won’t get in its arsenal India’s Nuclear-tipped ballistic missile.

Strategic Forces Command (SFC), which is responsible for the handling of nuclear weapons and Nuclear- capable ballistic missiles will remain active and in charge of the country’s nuclear arsenal. SFC will remain in charge of all Short-medium-Intermediate-range ballistic missiles that can be armed with nuclear weapons. has been told that both Army and Air force will also be handing over its Land-based BrahMos Cruise missile to the Indian Rocket force. The air force will get to keep its Air launched BrahMos-A and the Navy its Ship-based BrahMos, including Coastal Batteries.

Indian Rocket force once fully established will have its budget and will be producing more high-range rocket systems with increased ranges of 150km to 300km that are being developed in the country as also various ground-launched sub-sonic and supersonic cruise missiles.

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