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India’s quest for maritime supremacy takes a quantum leap forward with the revelation of its next-generation destroyers, designed to dominate the seas with cutting-edge technology and firepower. These 10,000-ton monsters, slated for a first metal cut within five years, promise to be a game-changer in regional defence dynamics.

These behemoths of the sea will bristle with a formidable arsenal, including Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) for unparalleled precision and long-range anti-ship missiles capable of integrating hypersonic warheads. This futuristic arsenal represents a paradigm shift in India’s naval capabilities, cementing its position as a major force to be reckoned with.

But the advancements extend beyond mere firepower. The Indian Navy is eyeing a crucial upgrade in its air defence systems, swapping the current Indo-Israeli MR-SAMs with domestically developed long-range interceptors under Project Kusha. These ambitious missiles, expected to be deployed by 2029, boast a staggering range of 150km and 250km, dwarfing the current 90km capabilities of the MR-SAMs.

Project Kusha, spearheaded by the Indian Air Force (IAF) and DRDO, envisions a three-tier air defence system. Imagine fighter-sized threats neutralized at 250km, while behemoths like AWACS and aerial refuelers are intercepted at a staggering 350km. This layered defence will create an impenetrable shield, safeguarding Indian airspace from all manner of aerial threats.

With its focus on indigenous technology and cutting-edge weaponry, India’s next-generation destroyers are poised to usher in a new era of naval power. They embody the nation’s commitment to self-reliance and its determination to safeguard its maritime interests. The journey may be long, but the first metal cut marks a significant step towards a future where India’s sea dragons command respect and awe in the vast ocean.

Air Defense Revolution:

But the ambition goes beyond offensive capabilities. The Navy plans to replace its current Indo-Israeli MR-SAM Air Defence missile with the indigenous Long Range Interceptor missile (Project Kusha). This missile, expected to be ready by 2029, will be a significant upgrade, capable of engaging targets at:

  • 150 km: A substantial leap from the current 90 km range of the MR-SAM.
  • 250 km: Ensuring effective protection against enemy aircraft.
  • 350 km: Taking out Larger aircraft like AWACS and refuellers

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