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India’s long-awaited Project 75 Alpha, aimed at developing six 6,000-ton nuclear attack submarines (SSNs) for its Navy, is finally gaining traction. With government approval secured in 2015, the program has been shrouded in secrecy until recently, but whispers of cutting-edge technologies and advanced capabilities are starting to emerge.

Spearheaded by the Warship Design Bureau, the SSNs will boast next-generation stealth design, crucial for their survival in hostile underwater environments. This includes features like anechoic coatings and specially shaped hulls to minimize sonic and radar signatures, allowing them to operate undetected throughout enemy territory.

But the Indian Navy’s ambitions extend beyond just stealth. Sources close to the project hint at the integration of underwater robots or drones onboard the SSNs. These drones will serve multiple purposes, enhancing both offensive and defensive capabilities:

  • Environmental awareness: Drones will gather crucial information about the surrounding underwater environment, helping the crew map the terrain, anticipate enemy movements, and identify potential threats.
  • Early detection: By acting as “eyes and ears” beyond the submarine’s immediate vicinity, drones can detect enemy vessels at much larger distances, providing valuable early warning to the crew.
  • Counter-mine warfare: Drones equipped with mine-deactivation capabilities will play a crucial role in clearing enemy minefields, and ensuring safe passage for the submarine and other friendly vessels.
  • Decoy deception: Drones programmed to mimic the submarine’s signature can act as decoys, drawing enemy fire away from the actual vessel and increasing its survivability.

Project 75 Alpha signifies a significant leap forward for India’s underwater force. These SSNs, equipped with sophisticated stealth features and autonomous drones, will revolutionize India’s offensive and defensive capabilities in the maritime domain.

While details surrounding the project remain classified, the glimpses provided by insider sources reveal a formidable submarine program under development. As India’s SSNs take shape, the world will undoubtedly be watching closely to see how these underwater leviathans reshape the dynamics of maritime power in the region.

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