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In a strategic last-minute move, the American company Cummins has played a crucial role in powering India’s upcoming indigenous Zorawar light tank prototype. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) in India approached Cummins to supply a 1000Hp engine for the tank, and the company swiftly responded, showcasing its commitment to supporting India’s defense capabilities. This development comes as a response to the Indian Army’s demand for 350 Light Tanks, pending successful completion of the Zorawar prototype’s Summer and Winter Trials.

Originally, the German company MTU was the first choice to provide engines for the Zorawar light tank program. MTU, renowned for supplying engines for India’s Arjun Main Battle Tanks (MBT), was well-positioned to contribute to this new endeavor. However, due to bureaucratic hurdles in securing BAFA clearance from the German Government, Cummins stepped in to fill the gap.

After Cummins’ rapid response to the Indian MoD’s request and now it has been asked by MoD to setup production of this new engine in its Indian facility. The decision to import the 1000Hp engine from the American defense industries got Clearance from their Goverment on Priority to ensure the timely development and Rollout of the Zorawar light tank.

The Zorawar light tank is purposefully designed to operate effectively in high-altitude terrains, specifically tailored to counter Chinese armored deployments in such challenging landscapes. Weighing in at 25 tonnes, the tank is not only agile but also air-transportable, showcasing its versatility and adaptability for deployment in various operational scenarios.

The introduction of the Zorawar light tank addresses a critical need for a specialized armored vehicle capable of operating at high altitudes. Traditional tanks like the T72s and T90s, while formidable, are optimized for deployment in plains and deserts. The unique terrain of Ladakh and similar regions necessitates a lighter, more maneuverable tank, and the Zorawar is positioned to meet these specific operational requirements.

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