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CAT Marine, a subsidiary of Caterpillar Marine, has announced that it is offering its medium-speed and high-performance engines tailored exclusively for the Indian Navy and Coast Guard. The company says that its engines are well-positioned to meet the Indian Navy’s specifications, ranging from 3 MW to 10 MW in power.

According to CAT Marine, its engines strike a balance between power and efficiency, making them versatile enough to meet the requirements of different vessel types and missions. The company also says that its engines are adaptable and reliable in various operational scenarios, making them a perfect fit for the Navy’s diverse needs.

One of the things that sets CAT Marine engines apart is their remarkable power density. This means that the engines can deliver a significant amount of energy while maintaining a compact size. This makes them ideal for use in naval vessels where space is at a premium.

CAT Marine is also committed to reducing emissions and noise. The company’s engines are designed to meet the latest environmental regulations, and they also produce low levels of noise. This is important for the Indian Navy, as it operates in sensitive marine environments.

CAT Marine provides comprehensive technical support to its customers. This includes a robust supply chain, which ensures that naval vessels can always get the parts and services they need. The company also offers training and other support services.

CAT Marine has a local manufacturing presence in India. This helps to ensure that the Indian Navy has a reliable source of engines and support services.

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