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IMAGE CREDIT Praneeth Franklin

The Indian Air Force (IAF) is taking its air-to-ground offensive capabilities a step further with the integration of the Israeli-made Rampage missile system onto its Jaguar Strike fighter jets. This development signifies a significant boost to the IAF’s firepower and strategic reach.

According to, Jaguar Strike jets are currently undergoing “captive flight trials” with the Rampage system. These trials involve testing the integration of the missile with the aircraft’s systems while keeping it firmly attached to the aircraft throughout the flight.

The next stage will likely involve live-firing tests. This crucial phase will assess the Rampage’s accuracy, effectiveness, and overall performance when launched from the Jaguar platform. Successful completion of these tests will pave the way for operational clearance, allowing the IAF to utilize the Rampage on the Jaguar in real-world scenarios.

The IAF has already conducted successful test-firings of the Rampage from Su-30MKI fighter jets and the Indian Navy’s MiG-29K naval fighters. Looking ahead, the Rampage is also a potential candidate for integration with the indigenously developed LCA Tejas Mk1A and the recently inducted Rafale fighter jets.

Adding another layer to this story is the planned local production of the Rampage missile in India. This initiative aligns with the “Make in India” program and fosters self-reliance in critical defense equipment.

The Rampage missile boasts a long operational range of up to 250 kilometers, significantly extending the IAF’s ability to strike targets deep within enemy territory. This long-range precision strike capability enhances the IAF’s offensive capabilities and strategic deterrence power.

The integration of the Rampage missile with the Jaguar and potentially other platforms marks a significant step forward for the IAF. It signifies India’s commitment to modernizing its air force and equipping it with cutting-edge weaponry to safeguard national security.

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