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A Bengaluru-based company, All Terrain Private Limited (A-THON), is making strides in the development of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) with potential applications for the Indian military. This indigenous effort could significantly reduce reliance on imported ATVs currently used by Indian Special Forces and other units patrolling challenging terrains.

A-THON’s focus lies in the “ASHVA” range of two-seater ATVs and the “ARAV” four-seater variant. They are also developing the “ADBHUT,” a unique 6×2 ATV specifically designed for superior cargo-carrying capabilities. While initial testing within the company’s facilities is underway, the primary launch target is the Indian agricultural sector. However, the inherent capabilities of these ATVs open doors for potential military adaptations.

Currently, the Indian Army and Air Force depend on imported ATVs to fulfill their operational needs. A-THON’s domestic solution has the potential to address this gap and provide the Indian military with a reliable and readily available source of ATVs.

The all-terrain capabilities of these ATVs make them suitable for various military applications, including:

  • Patrolling: Their ability to navigate rough terrain would be invaluable for patrolling borders and remote areas.
  • Reconnaissance: The agility of these vehicles could prove beneficial for reconnaissance missions.
  • Transportation: ATVs can effectively transport troops and supplies in challenging environments.

A-THON’s focus on different configurations caters to diverse needs. The two-seater ASHVA could be ideal for swift reconnaissance missions, while the four-seater ARAV offers increased troop capacity. The ADBHUT’s cargo-carrying prowess makes it suitable for transporting supplies and equipment in rough terrain.

While the initial launch targets the agricultural sector, the inherent design of these ATVs presents exciting possibilities for the Indian military. With potential modifications, these domestically produced vehicles could significantly enhance the operational capabilities of Indian forces.

The success of this endeavor hinges on successful completion of testing phases and a collaborative approach between A-THON and the Indian military to explore modifications for defense applications. This collaboration could lead to a win-win situation, bolstering domestic production and equipping Indian forces with advanced, all-terrain vehicles.

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