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Indian Air Force (IAF) will get the first of the six Defence PSU DRDO-developed Airborne Early Warning and Control Systems (AEW&CS) based on the Ex-Air India A321 platform from mid to late 2025 onwards as informed to Six A-321S that are presently grounded will soon start the process of refurbishment of the aircraft including getting new engines along with changes to worn-out components.

The refurbishment will be carried out locally in India including the removal of standard seats and the upgradation of avionics to military-grade standards by a French company along with its Indian partner. Aircraft need to be rewired entirely along with that it needs to be reconfigured for military usage, which includes soundproofing cabin and installation of auxiliary power units.

All A321s will be fixed with a dual-sided electronically scanned antenna array that will be installed in a rectangular housing, dorsally mounted above the fuselage. Aircraft also need to be fitted with mission operator consoles on the starboard side. Electronic warfare suite and Electronic support measures systems too will be installed.

A321-based Netra 2.0 AEW&CS will have new improved and upgraded radar that has an instrumental range of 500km and a detection range of 400km. The last of the A321-based Netra 2.0 AEW&CS will complete the handover by 2027.

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