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Gridbots Technologies Private Limited (India) will be showcasing Titan Autonomous Tank Killer that is armed with Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL) developed ‘Amogha-III’ new man-portable, ‘fire-and-forget’ missile that is packed with an anti-armor tandem warhead and is claimed to be able to penetrate more than 650 mm beyond Explosive Reactive Armour (ERA).

TITAN is a 1-ton multi-utility combat vehicle that can be mounted with various weapons systems as payload. TITAN is developed to perform autonomous operations on the battlefield without any human assistance or reduce the risk for the infantry by enhancing their capabilities on ground operations.

TITAN has a top speed of 20km per hour and a 20km mesh radio range. Titan can carry a payload of 1.5-tons and has an automatic target-tracking system with a thermal sight that can be used for Inspection, Surveillance & Reconnaissance.

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