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In a significant move towards self-reliance and indigenous defence production, India is embarking on the manufacturing of advanced missiles used in the Indian Air Force’s (IAF) formidable Su-30 MKI aircraft. With the Atmanirbhar (self-reliant) scheme taking centre stage, there is a pressing need to produce these missiles within the country. This initiative aligns with the “Make III” procedure outlined in Chapter III of the Defense Acquisition Procedure 2020 (DAP 2020).

The R-27 ET1 missiles are vital components of India’s air defence capabilities, designed for use with the Su-30 MKI aircraft. IAF is planning to buy approximately 200, with a primary focus on enhancing air combat capabilities.

The R-27R1/ER1 and R-27T1/ET1 variants are equipped with semi-active and passive infrared seekers and play a crucial role in the IAF’s air-to-air combat strategy. Their localization within the country not only bolsters national defence but also contributes to the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative.

The X-31 P missiles are a formidable addition to India’s air combat arsenal. These supersonic aircraft missiles, armed with passive homing heads, are engineered for the precise destruction of enemy air defence systems and radar controls, including medium- and long-range air defence radars. Unlike their predecessors, these missiles offer extended range, high-speed capabilities, stable targeting even in the face of intense interference, and resilience against temporary radio-radiation disruptions.

With an approximate quantity of 200 to be made in India, the indigenously manufactured X-31 P missiles are set to bolster India’s defence capabilities and reinforce the nation’s self-reliance in missile production.

The Crystal Maze missiles are an integral component of India’s air combat capabilities, particularly in conjunction with Su-30 MKI aircraft. With a focus on manufacturing approximately 100 of these missiles under the Atmanirbhar scheme, India is taking strides towards achieving self-sufficiency in missile production.

The Crystal Maze missile is a 100 kilometres range air to surface missile and is manufactured by Rafael of Israel. The Crystal Maze missile is fired from aircraft from a distance of up to 100 kilometres on bunkers. The TV-guided missile has an 80 kg warhead and is rated as highly accurate. The Indian Air Force had placed orders for the Crystal Maze missile in 2005.

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