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The Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) is taking significant steps to enhance the capabilities of the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Air Force Mk2. ADA has entered into collaboration with Safran Data Systems, a reputable French company, to facilitate software modifications for Unified Video Cum Digital Recorder (UVDR) Airborne Units and Ground Replay System (GRS).

This partnership aims to cater to additional requirements for the LCA Air Force Mk2, which is a crucial advancement in India’s defence technology.

Understanding UVDR and Its Significance:

The Unified Video Cum Digital Recorder (UVDR) is a centralized onboard recording system for the Tejas-LCA, designed and developed by Safran Data Systems. This sophisticated technology has already been successfully integrated into the LCA Mk1A, specifically on SP25 and LSP8 aircraft. The UVDR plays a critical role in recording and storing various types of data during flight operations.

Scope of Work and Key Objectives:

The scope of work for this collaboration involves several key objectives and software modifications to enhance the UVDR and GRS to meet the specific requirements of the LCA Air Force Mk2. Some of the notable modifications and requirements include:

  1. Digital video recording of H.264 compressed video streams from multiple sources over Ethernet, including HUD, LAD-LH, LAD-RH, SVP, and BDU.
  2. Recording of two analog audio inputs in sync in IRIG Ch 10 format.
  3. Addition of Ethernet input sources, totalling 16 Line Replaceable Units (LRUs).
  4. Segregation of operational (Ops) and maintenance (Maint) data for recording in separate memory partitions.
  5. Software upgradation of the Ground Replay System (GRS) to extract and replay videos recorded through Ethernet in sync with audio.
  6. Configurability of memory partitions and inputs/channels on the ground through GRS.
  7. Onboard web application/GUI for configuration of inputs/channels, including maintenance data recording setup.
  8. Squadron mode for EZ Viewer, allowing the replay of all videos from Ethernet sources in sync with the audio.
  9. Data encryption with the option to enable/disable encryption.

Timelines and Deliverables:

The collaboration between ADA and Safran Data Systems includes a strict timeline for delivering the upgraded UVDR software version and GRS software tools for the LCA Air Force Mk2. The aim is to complete this development within the first ten months from the date of the purchase order or contract execution.

The Future of LCA Air Force Mk2:

The software modifications and enhancements for UVDR and GRS are pivotal in advancing the capabilities of the LCA Air Force Mk2. These changes will allow the aircraft to record and manage a wider range of data, ensuring that it meets the demands of modern warfare and contributes to India’s defence capabilities.

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