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Elbit Systems has been courting the Indian Air Force (IAF) for some time now, offering its Delilah series of air-to-surface missiles. According to sources familiar with the program, the IAF is actively evaluating the Delilah as a potential addition to its arsenal, considering factors like price, technology transfer terms, and overall capabilities.

The Delilah missile stands out for its ability to loiter in an area before striking, allowing for positive target identification and minimizing collateral damage. This advanced weapon system boasts of a turbo-jet engine that enables a range of 250 kilometers and the ability to adjust flight profiles for optimal mission execution.

Delilah offers cruise, loiter, attack, and “go-around” capabilities, providing flexibility in operation and uses a sophisticated guidance system for precise targeting. The Delilah’s lightweight design makes it suitable for integration not only on fighter jets but also on helicopters like the Mi-17 and LCH. This versatility enhances the IAF’s operational capabilities.

Delilah can stay airborne for extended periods, enabling target identification before attack and can abort an attack and re-engage if necessary. Delilah provides real-time video for target confirmation and battle damage assessment. Delilah is effective in various conditions, providing the IAF with a reliable weapon system.

The IAF’s decision on acquiring Delilah missiles will depend on negotiations with Elbit Systems regarding price, technology transfer options, and the overall technical capabilities meeting the IAF’s specific requirements.

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